Roundcube not displaying HTML messages

I have searched these forums and the Roundcube forums and have not found a solution to this issue.

I installed RoundCube from the default script installer in Virtualmin for Roundcube 0.5.3, it seems to work OK except will not display HTML messages. I get a HTTP 500 error.

I have followed several suggestions including deleting the .htaccess file in the Roundcube directory and several others suggestions posted in the roundcube forums. But they are saying this is a “configuration” issue, which I don’t fully understand…

CentOS 5.6 fresh install, fully updated and VirtualMin GPL.

Any ideas…??


Roundcube will not display HTML messages. Reading forums indicates a “configuration” issue but none of them describe what might be wrong.

Any ideas…?


Anytime you get a 500 error, it should generate a full error message in your domain’s Apache logs.

Take a peek in $HOME/logs/error_log, what error(s) do you see in there?


Old thread, but the resolution to this problem is:

yum install php53-xml

or yum install php-xml depending on your PHP version / distro…

The apache log mentions a DOMDoc Error… Just ran into this problem today.