Roundcube messing with aliases?

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 22.04.1
Virtualmin version 7.5 Pro

I have just installed Roundcube and noticed that a mail alias’ destination is “user\” (note the backslash)

Now I am trying to add another alias, and when I enter “” as the local destination it gets changed to “”, and while the server seems to accept the emails, they do not end up in the mailbox. And, when I try to enter “user2\” it is not accepted ( Failed to save alias : The local user 'user2\' does not exist)

Is there a work-around? Or should I simply ditch Roundcube?

Edit: backslashes were missing

@ID10T Thanks. I will look at that thread.

I would not care if the alias is converted to “” but the emails do not get delivered. (expanded from unknown user: “

Nevermind! I was working under the assumption that the “Deliver Locally” field of the Mail Alias should be selected. Rather, the “Forward to other addresses” field was set. And both the slashed (“\@”) and “unslashed” versions of the destination email account work.

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