Roundcube install on GPL

OK, I tried this yesterday in a post titles install scripts, and see that Eric replied, however, when I click on my post it takes me to another thread which is not related to my post so I’ll try again. I also tried searching for my post but it still takes me to another thread so I’ll try again.

I am trying to install roundcube, but the info I see on how to do it states:

To install either (Squirrelmail or RoundCube), the steps to follow are :

Login to Virtualmin, and select a domain from the left menu.
Click on Install Scripts, then on the Available Scripts tab.
Select either Squirrelmail or Roundcube from the list, then click the Show Install Options button.
In most cases the defaults on the next page will work fine. Click Install Now to complete the process.

But I can’t see where to select “install scripts” anywhere… is this only available in the Pro version of Virtualmin?


automated install scripts are a pro-version feature

Thanks Ronald!

Yup, that’s all I had mentioned in my other post is that the install scripts are indeed cool, but as Ronald said they’re only available in the Pro version.

You can certainly do a manual install of RoundCube though.