Root & new users question

Hi, I’m new to VPS and I have a question regarding user privileges and virtualmin

When I made new virtualservers for domains, it asked me to make new users for each virtualserver. It gave them both new directories in /home/, which is where the website files go. I understand that, but since I’m the only one using the VPS and each additional user is one more user that can be hacked, is it safe to delete the newly created users and associate my other root account with everything?

If so, how would I go about doing it through virtualmin if possible?

Also, what are ‘Webmin users’? I understand they’re users designed to control and manage Webmin, but do they have any connection to the users on Debian? For example, if I have a user with root access named ‘Rootaccount’, do I have to add a webmin user with the same username and password if I want to use it to control Webmin with full priviliges and the same login info as I use on SSH? And at that point would it be safe to delete all other webmin users including ‘root’?


I can answer your first question regarding using just one account: Create a single virtual server and then just create all others as sub servers of it. Their home folders will be /home/{virtual server}/domains/{sub server}

As you can see in the attached screenshot, my friend has one top level virtual server for one site, and a sub server that is for another. (Sorry it is so large, was feeling lazy and didn’t want to crop it.)


Regarding your second question – usually Webmin users and system users are the same, but they don’t have to be.

Some people disable the root user, and create a different user to use as the “Master Admin”.

You can create a new Master Admin user by creating a system user, and then giving them full sudo privileges.

Note that whenever you create a Virtual Server in Virtualmin, it asks whether to create a Webmin user for that new domain. We usually recommend that, as that’s the only way the owner of that domain will be able to manage their domain, unless you’re doing that as the Master Admin you created.