/ROOT full

Hi Guys

I have a server with several HDD and created a LVM disk. Now I receive a error message at Webmin that my / has only 98 MB free space. Here is a DF -H output:

root@srv01:/# df -h Dateisystem Größe Benutzt Verf. Verw% Eingehängt auf udev 59G 0 59G 0% /dev tmpfs 12G 138M 12G 2% /run /dev/mapper/srv01--vg-root 99G 95G 142M 100% / tmpfs 60G 12K 60G 1% /dev/shm tmpfs 5.0M 0 5.0M 0% /run/lock tmpfs 60G 0 60G 0% /sys/fs/cgroup /dev/mapper/srv01--vg-2TB 1.8T 63G 1.7T 4% /storage/KVM /dev/sda1 472M 106M 342M 24% /boot /dev/mapper/srv01--vg-home 103G 60M 98G 1% /home /dev/mapper/srv01--vg-PlexMedia 3.6T 2.1T 1.3T 63% /storage/Plex tmpfs 12G 0 12G 0% /run/user/1000 /home/dblake/.Private 103G 60M 98G 1% /home/dblake

At the moment I can’t see where this space is left. I tried several tricks to clean up space:

apt-get autoremove -purge
aptitude autoclean
dpkg -l “linux*{tools}*” |grep ^.i

But still there is no space left. As I use this server also as Plex Media Server I’m not able to stream now. (All films are located at a own HDD /storage/Plex)

Anybody has some tips for me?


You just need to chase down where the space has gone and fix it. No magic bullet for this.

Use du to spelunk into it and figure it out. I usually use this incantation:

# du -xh --max-depth=2

-x tells du to not cross onto other filesystems (so you’re only checking /), and -h is just a convenience to get the sizes in human readable format. --max-depth is how many directories to dig down into. I start with 2, because otherwise I end up with too much noise. You may need to cd into your biggest directories and do a more specific search.

95G is obviously not just packages; there’s some kind of non-system files or logs or something that are huge. I’d suspect a runaway log, or maybe root email (receiving some sort of system notification, probably indicating some sort of misconfiguration).

Hi Joe

Thanks for this explanation - the problem is that I can see that there are many directories which includes many files … but in summary there are only 32GB if I read the output correctly:

14M ./usr/sbin 395M ./usr/share 330M ./usr/bin 27M ./usr/include 4.0K ./usr/games 11M ./usr/local 633M ./usr/lib 242M ./usr/src 1.7G ./usr 14M ./sbin 121M ./var/cache 4.0K ./var/opt 19M ./var/webmin 21M ./var/log 4.0K ./var/snap 4.0K ./var/local 30G ./var/lib 28K ./var/spool 1.9M ./var/backups 4.0K ./var/mail 12K ./var/tmp 4.0K ./var/crash 30G ./var 4.0K ./srv 16M ./bin 4.0K ./opt 4.0K ./storage 4.0K ./snap 9.9M ./lib/systemd 16K ./lib/hdparm 12K ./lib/ifupdown 52K ./lib/recovery-mode 13M ./lib/udev 60K ./lib/crda 28K ./lib/ufw 25M ./lib/x86_64-linux-gnu 208K ./lib/terminfo 16K ./lib/init 16K ./lib/bridge-utils 199M ./lib/firmware 20K ./lib/apparmor 418M ./lib/modules 36K ./lib/open-iscsi 8.0K ./lib/modules-load.d 104K ./lib/cryptsetup 40K ./lib/lsb 24K ./lib/security 1.3M ./lib/xtables 16K ./lib/modprobe.d 16K ./lib/resolvconf 665M ./lib 4.0K ./mnt/kvm-srv02.blaho.local 8.0K ./mnt 4.0K ./lib64 80K ./etc/dbus-1 8.0K ./etc/calendar 56K ./etc/fonts 8.0K ./etc/python 12K ./etc/groff 8.0K ./etc/cron.monthly 328K ./etc/init.d 80K ./etc/grub.d 112K ./etc/apt 16K ./etc/update-manager 344K ./etc/ssh 84K ./etc/systemd 40K ./etc/bash_completion.d 8.0K ./etc/rc1.d 16K ./etc/xdg 8.0K ./etc/sudoers.d 56K ./etc/cron.daily 1.1M ./etc/apparmor.d 20K ./etc/cron.weekly 100K ./etc/pam.d 12K ./etc/kbd 8.0K ./etc/rc3.d 44K ./etc/dhcp 20K ./etc/profile.d 16K ./etc/udev 16K ./etc/acpi 4.0K ./etc/opt 3.8M ./etc/webmin 12K ./etc/vim 4.0K ./etc/insserv.conf.d 4.0K ./etc/tmpfiles.d 20K ./etc/xml 28K ./etc/X11 12K ./etc/byobu 60K ./etc/ufw 12K ./etc/emacs 16K ./etc/skel 80K ./etc/redis 20K ./etc/apport 8.0K ./etc/pulse 8.0K ./etc/python2.7 44K ./etc/sysctl.d 4.0K ./etc/pki 28K ./etc/ppp 4.0K ./etc/sensors.d 8.0K ./etc/rc6.d 20K ./etc/iscsi 8.0K ./etc/ldap 8.0K ./etc/terminfo 72K ./etc/initramfs-tools 4.0K ./etc/request-key.d 132K ./etc/default 28K ./etc/perl 8.0K ./etc/sgml 36K ./etc/logcheck 168K ./etc/init 12K ./etc/apm 8.0K ./etc/python3 148K ./etc/console-setup 12K ./etc/libnl-3 8.0K ./etc/depmod.d 8.0K ./etc/python3.5 20K ./etc/apparmor 108K ./etc/network 8.0K ./etc/rc5.d 604K ./etc/lvm 12K ./etc/rsyslog.d 8.0K ./etc/cron.hourly 84K ./etc/vmware-tools 4.0K ./etc/binfmt.d 8.0K ./etc/ca-certificates 8.0K ./etc/selinux 12K ./etc/gss 8.0K ./etc/rc2.d 4.0K ./etc/modules-load.d 8.0K ./etc/rc0.d 740K ./etc/ssl 8.0K ./etc/rc4.d 16K ./etc/pm 8.0K ./etc/newt 8.0K ./etc/alternatives 36K ./etc/logrotate.d 16K ./etc/ld.so.conf.d 4.0K ./etc/update-notifier 56K ./etc/kernel 32K ./etc/update-motd.d 48K ./etc/security 44K ./etc/modprobe.d 28K ./etc/resolvconf 8.0K ./etc/mdadm 36K ./etc/iproute2 60K ./etc/bind 16K ./etc/cron.d 48K ./etc/polkit-1 36K ./etc/dpkg 8.0K ./etc/rcS.d 8.0K ./etc/insserv 9.9M ./etc 4.0K ./media/cdrom 8.0K ./media 12K ./root/.ssh 28K ./root/.gnupg 4.0K ./root/.filemin 68K ./root 4.0K ./tmp/.Test-unix 4.0K ./tmp/.ICE-unix 4.0K ./tmp/.font-unix 20K ./tmp/.webmin 4.0K ./tmp/.X11-unix 4.0K ./tmp/pms-0f81cb66-ba54-409e-9626-9dd49802f6da 4.0K ./tmp/.XIM-unix 68K ./tmp 16K ./lost+found 32G .

Also changing from max-depth=2 to 4 doesn’t show me any larger files …

Best Regards