Rogue crontab after server migration

OS type and version Almalinux 8.7
Virtualmin version 7.7

Howdy, folks.

I recently migrated my Virtualmin-driven server from CentOS 6 to a new box with Almalinux.

I couldn’t be happier. The server is fast and Almalinux seems super-solid. The Virtualmin transfer went very well.

There is one small issue. (Isn’t there always?)

I seem to have at least two crontabs in operation. I have analyzed things, and one of the crontabs is certainly the crontab which is visible in the Webmin/System/Scheduled-Cron-Jobs list. The other… I simply can not find.

If I ‘crontab -l’ in BASH, I see the same crontab that Virtualmin is showing in its list.

This crontab is located at ‘/var/spool/cron’. I believe the file used to be called ‘crontab’, but I might be incorrect. Now, I see a file called ‘root’. If I ‘cat root’, then I see my Virtualmin cron again.

Is there a quick way to check for rogue crontabs in VM or in BASH? Does anyone remember if CentOS 6.9 stored the crontabs in a different folder than more modern RHEL releases?

Thanks for any advice.


This knucklehead [ points to self ] owes the forum an apology… although there is a lesson here for future generations.

The first crontab was indeed the correct /var/spool/cron

The second crontab was—you guessed it—on the old server.

The scripts send me a summary of stats and errors via email. When I finally thought to read the email headers, there were two different sending servers—one being the old server.

The service company said that it had already been wiped—but that’s evidently not the case.

Thanks all. Hoping that this helps someone down the road.


PS: Kyle’s answer in this thread is the resource I was looking for in the original question: