Rocky Linux 8.4 RC

oh all those spam nowadays…

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AlmaLinux is production ready. Why not simply go with that? It has a well funded development team and is already proving itself in production environments.

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Definition of spam: irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the internet, typically to a large number of users, for the purposes of advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc.

Which is essentially what you just did. You just joined up and posted an unsolicited, essentially useless link for a non-production software that nobody here will use on a forum used by many.

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What kind of news / news do you request?
In other words, in the relatively near future, virtualmin will support Rocky Linux, an alternative to Centos

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Any news in the media (tv, youtube, etc.) can be a spam if you don’t like it

It already does on the stable release and has been tested here by @RJM_Web_Design . Try reading the forum before spamming.

Rocky Linux Migration

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Y’all chill. It’s fine. It’s an RC, so we’re not going to do anything official with it, until it’s stable. But, there’s no reason to get hostile to someone posting a small note about a release (or release candidate, in this case).

So, please be nice. This isn’t spam. It’s not of interest to everyone, but it’s not like it’s way off topic for Virtualmin users.


My apologies; it’s just that a simple search for Rocky Linux would have shown anybody joining that everything was already done, rather than simply posting a link and saying nothing else about it with your first post.

That, to me and apparently Unborn, is the definition of Spam.

We get plenty of spam (though y’all don’t see most of it), and this aint it. This one is even in the right category.

I get where you’re coming from (the only CentOS fork news that matters to me is when it’s stable, and the shakeout over which ones survive or become dominant is still a few months or years in the future and there’s no point arguing about it), but also please try to welcome new folks, and point them in the right direction if they seem lost. Or just ignore them. That’s also always an option.

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@Joe I’m new here too and am anxious to get Virtualmin going on a stable release. IMHO CentOS is not worth beginning with at this stage in its life and we have one stable replacement released. Any information available about testing it on a new installation? The only news I’ve found on this forum is on transferring directly from CentOS. Nothing on a new install.

I’m referring, of course, to Alma, not Rocky. By the way, I have VPSs, not full servers.

Try your search again. There have been several successful installations on AlmaLinux (and fewer on Rocky). Ilia and I have posted instructions on how to do it using the git version of virtualmin-install. But, right now, I strongly recommend you install on CentOS 8. You can convert it to Alma or Rocky in the future, with relative ease. The only people who need to be trying to install on unsupported distros are developers and people testing. If you have a production server, and you want to run an RPM-based distro, CentOS 8 is the right one. Just install it and forget about it until it becomes an issue and you need to convert it. It’s not a big deal.

If you want to follow up with installation questions, please start a new topic.


Thanks Joe. That’s all the clarification I needed. Much appreciated.

Sounds like Elon musk con man, I hope so this topic will went out and forgotten, as the issue was sorted already with Joe’s reply…what a palava man

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Glad I’m not the only one that sees it.

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Rocky Linux 8.4 GA Available Now


I always wanted to post this quote, on a relevant forum: “Why do you lay these troubles on an already troubled mind? Can you not see?” We are already on Debian… :star_struck:


Hey Gomez, I did a search today to find out what the latest was for Rocky and Virtualmin. What I see was your comments clogging up my notes here. Joe has enough to do without you pretending to be a moderator. Rocky Linux and other candidates are going to be discussed and you aren’t the arbiter of what is passed through as things are going to change.

The topic was Rocky and you injected non-topic fluff that all of us have to read. Why not simply bother the topic poster instead of the rest of the community? You are the one who is causing me a distraction. I came to read the Rocky topic. Let the people who moderate, moderate. I doubt Joe needs your your filtering capabilities.


I concur with this and with Joe. There is no point to the hostility.