Right way to install nginx with ubuntu 20.04


what is the correct way to install nginx with ubuntu 20.04… the document does not have much helpful information.


even though if you try debian steps… you get error at this step…
apt-get install webmin-virtualmin-nginx webmin-virtualmin-nginx-ssl

I referred following post but this also not worked for me
Ubuntu/Debian How to Install Nginx - documentation missing virtualmin apt sources.list alteration

Ordinarily Nginx is installed by the install.sh script by adding the switch --bundle LEMP. The script fetches whatever Nginx package is available from an Ubuntu repository.

These two packages

apt-get install webmin-virtualmin-nginx webmin-virtualmin-nginx-ssl

come from Virtualmin repos and are 1) the Webmin Nginx module and 2) the Virtualmin SSL plugin. You still need to install the web server with apt-get install nginx. If a package isn’t found you probalby just need to install a repository that stores Nginx for your Ubuntu release.

If Apache is installed also and Nginx can’t start, either remove Apache or change its ports so that Nginx can use 80 and 443.

If Nginx is installed and running but isn’t showing up in the Webmin/Servers menu, try restarting Webmin and/or refreshing installed modules.


That doc is very old. Just do a fresh install and use the LEMP bundle, as ramin recommended.

I’ve update that doc to note that it is deprecated.


Thanks it works with --bundle LEMP at the time of installation

may its good to add this steps in Installation Guides

this is the place where normally new users search for installation instructions…

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Next time you run the install script append it with --help or refer to this page: Automated Virtualmin Installation – Virtualmin

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