RHEL 8 Cloudmin

OS type and version EL8.7.
Webmin version 2.010
Cloudmin version 9.7

I downloaded the installer from my license page, running it shows a message:

CentOS and RHEL 3-7 on i386 and x86_64

Is RHEL8 supported in the licensed versions? Is there a different installer link?

Reason I ask is I finished the install, added my system as a KVM host, downloaded the KVM Centos8 image w/ OS into the system images area and after adding a test VM the VM won’t launch (the console shows an error message about “failed to allocate manager object, freezing”). The cloudmin install also didn’t create a bridge interface (or warn about there not being one) so I was wondering if I installed an incompatible version or something?


Actually it looks like the packages Centos8 image may be the issue as Ubuntu worked fine, unless I did something wrong with it……


CentOS 8 isn’t a grade A distro, use Alma or Rocky Linux.

CentOS 8 is simply unmaintained. It reached EOL like a year ago. You can’t deploy anything new on it.

We’re in the midst of building a new installer for Cloudmin, it’s quite overdo for attention. But it’ll be a few weeks before it’s in a usable state.


Sorry I was unclear - the host is RedHat 8. The predone image I was trying to deploy is the Centos image from the “download image” link. Are you saying that RedHat 8 isn’t a supported platform? If it is, is there a different installer or just ignore the “this installer is (up to) RedHat 7” message in the installer?

Perhaps the pre-canned images needs some pruning as well.

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