What is the timeline to get RHEL 6 support? I am currently looking to move several of my web hosts over to RHEL 6. Is there a way to get the install script to use RHEL 6. Thanks for your help.

I asked that question a while ago and was told that they are waiting for CentOS 6 …

Yeah, CentOS 6 should be coming out shortly – and at that point support will be added for both CentOS 6 and RHEL6.


I don’t think Centos 6 will be released anytime soon (from what I read). They will release Centos 5.6 first - “soon”.

What I have seen on Centos’s twitter page is that they have release some of the code to there QA team. Scientific Linux has just released there beta. SL is usually a few weeks/months ahead of CentOS on development. I guess for now I will have to stick to RHEL 5.6.

Mmm, that’s unfortunate that it’s still some time off. If it’s any consolation, CentOS 5.6 should work without a hitch :slight_smile:

It also has the benefit of offering PHP 5.3 (as an optional package). So if you’re getting tired of old PHP versions, they’re offering a new version that you can use with your apps (or you can continue to use PHP 5.2 from the Virtualmin Bleed repo).


It looks like there’s only a couple of files that are needed. The install.sh script install everything from the standard centos repo’s except the virtualmin, usermin, and httpd with suexec. If I just rebuild httpd from the RHEL 6 src files and add this to the top of the SPEC file, %define suexec_docroot /home, then that should fix this. Let me know if I am wrong or not.