RewriteEngine not allowed here


Suddenly i get this error some of my sites. “RewriteEngine not allowed here”
Have not changed anything on webserver. Only updated debian 7 to 8. Some sites are working, some of not. Can’t figure out whats wrong. Im out of ideas :confused:

vhost config file:

EDIT: In whatever reason there was .htaccess file in /home/username/.htaccess not in public_html

Hello ufo56,

Can you paste the error message on virtual server error log here ?

“Have not changed anything on webserver” and “Only updated debian 7 to 8” doesn’t add up.

Distro upgrades are a big deal and often breaks stuff.

You should never do a major OS upgrade in place without a proper backup of your server configuration files and data. Basically a new OS upgrade will replace all the software, paths and configurations, sometimes it moves them around to new locations which is almost very likely what happen in your case. For example, maybe that Unix User and Group don’t match your correct web home user so the whole vhost configuration you posted will not work. You will have to check every single setting of Virtualmin, Apache, etc, manually to see what is wrong. There can be more than .htaccess file so maybe the one you are looking for is not the same that should be in the public_html directory.

I had same issue, when I have changed writing permissions of the main directory.

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