Reverse DNS

I have noticed that non of my domains that are created by virtualmin are getting a reverse address set. When I go into BIND via virtualmin and click on a domain, I see the the Reverse Address field has 0. How do I ensure that when a domain is created or updated, that it does create a reverse record?


Typically, reverse DNS for a given IP address is something that’s set by your ISP, rather than by you.

So although you control the forward DNS for your domains – if you’d like to set the reverse DNS, you’d typically need to give your ISP a call (or some provide a web interface), and have them set it for you.


Hi Eric,

We actual have our ISP letting us fully manage our DNS. They have delegated the responsibility to our IP’s. I just don’t know how in virtualmin to have it stick to a dns entry when we create one. For example, when I create a new domain with a static address, it doesn’t create the reverse entry for it. How can I accomplish this?

I think you have to create the reverse DNS with webmin (wouldn’t make sense to do it for every virtual host, right?). I am not an expert, but you could try Webmin->BIND->Create Master Zone->Zone Type->Reverse and so on

I can set my rDNS too, given permission by the ISP. However to do this I need to log in to my control panel of the ISP.
You can not set it at the server level.
You should have a control panel for your account at your ISP as well.
Log in to that and find the option to set rDNS

@ronald: That’s the way many hosters do it (mine too), yeah, but it is also sure possible to have an actual nameserver delegation for a reverse zone. That only works though if we are talking about a full /24 subnet at the least - that’s the smallest unit that can be delegated in the zone.

Snapmin is right, you’d need to create and manage the reverse zone “manually” using the BIND Webmin module. As far as I see it, Virtualmin does not manage reverse zones. Usually this is not needed or useful either, since the desired reverse-DNS entry and the forward-DNS domain name of a server most of the time are not identical (since many domains use the same IP and stuff).