restricting an ftp user to public_html directory and below?

I don’t usually have my clients having ftp access to their virtual domain so this hasn’t been a problem in the past.
I’m setting up an ftp use for a particular virtual server and want to restrict all access to just the public_html directory and contents.
When I do this and try to restrict the access the user can still view, but not edit, the directories above public_html.
How do I stop this from happening so they can only view and edit the contents of the public_html directory?

I want to know a way to do that too…if anyone can help…

If you are using FTP, then whatever directory is listed in your /etc/passwd file is used as the root for that FTP user. Note that the shell associated with that user can give more or less access as well.

However, if you are using SFTP, things are handled differently – you would need to use jailkit or such.

(I use FTPS since I have SFTP locked down)