restricted webmin user cannot see "account plan"


I’ve created a webmin user who has access only to virtualmin module and can’t modify its configuration. I want the user to be able to create, delete etc. virtual servers and nothing more.

However, when he’s trying to create a new server, there are no “account plans” (just empty list), so he gets an error - “Failed to create virtual server : Selected plan does not exist or is not available”.

When I give him permission to modify virtualmin module config, everything works fine.

Any ideas?


Well, you can create extra admin users, within a given Virtual Server. Those extra admins can create/modify/delete domains within that particular Virtual Server.

However, in order to have a user that can create and manage top-level Virtual Servers, you would either need to use a Master Admin, or a Reseller.

And unfortunately, Resellers are only available in the Pro version of Virtaulmin :slight_smile:



thank you.

I’m not convinced we need Resellers for now. The user is basically our employee, he should be able to modify and add servers without limits. I’ve created a webmin user with access to only one module - virtualmin.

What I need to do is keep him away from virtualmin core configuration.

I just need to make sure this is intentional behavior, not a bug.

I have one more question. I’m in “Module Access Control” for this particular user. I have two options (among others):

Can edit module configuration?

Can create new domains?

What’s the point if I can’t create new domains without “Can edit module configuration?” checked? :wink:

Not many people poke around in the screens you found, and even I (a Virtualmin employee) didn’t know those were there :slight_smile:

Talking to Jamie about the behavior you described, it sounds like the issue is that taking away the user’s “module config” permission causes Virtualmin to no longer treat that user as a Master Admin (ie, root) user.

And since he doesn’t get treated as a reseller or domain owner either, he has almost no permissions.

Jamie seemed a bit surprised by all this :slight_smile:

The only workaround is set “Can edit module configuration” to “Yes”, which causes the user to be treated as a root user, allowing him to create Virtual Servers.

You could then fine tune that user’s permissions in Webmin -> Webmin Users -> USERNAME -> Available Webmin Modules, as well as in the Virtualmin Virtual Servers screen.

However, it’s not currently possible to restrict a user more than that without using a Reseller.