Restoring backups after reinstalling OS and ./

I want to replace fedora with CentOS. I have a few domains hosted and have made backups with Virtualmin… I have seliunx turned off. If I install CentOS and use the install script to install virtualmin etc. will the backups work right on the new system?



Yup! The backups are compatible between distros. It should be as simple as you describe – generate backups in Fedora, restore those backups in CentOS, and you should be good to go.

If you have any troubles, pop a note in here and we can work through what’s going on.


Hi Guys,

First I will say GOOD JOB!!!

The first time ‘I’ configured everything myself (49 & self taught)… It took 3 days, AND lots of frustration. Now it only takes me a day. That was the most pain free install I ever did!

I have very few customers, not enough to pay for pro, but if I did… I would highly recommend you guys.

When it came to the backups. Everything seemed fine… Then I found a problem with user mailboxes. Not the main account, but added users. I just deleted them and recreated, and that worked fine. A permissions problem I think.

I also tried to install nagios and there was a problem with seeing the left frame. It worked ok on fedora… But I had selinux turned off, and other ( “get a rounds”). I am not familiar with 'fcgi-bin" and the other things to keep things safe, so that is probably a permissions thing to?

I am happy with the whole thing and just want to let you know. No reply needed.