Restore single domain from multi-domain backup


I need to extract the home directory of one domain from a Virtualmin backup (of multiple domains).
I have auto, auto.dom and files available.

  • I did not have any luck with tar as the directories come out empty.
  • The command line “virtualmin restore-domain --source auto --domain --all-features” says missing or invalid source file.

Any idea how to proceed?


When specifying a source file, you’d want to use the full path to the file. Virtualmin can’t always find it if a relative path is used (even if it’s in the current directory).


That makes sense
Can we extract contents of the home directory to a different location than the original?
I need an example if possible.



There unfortunately isn’t a way to do that from within the Virtualmin GUI.

The home directory contents are in the archive though, you could untar it, find where they are stored, and then put them in your desired location.

I know you’re having trouble finding where they’re stored though.

While I don’t have a backup like that laying around here to look at, it may be that there’s an archive within the archive. Do you happen to see any .tar files within the backup archive that might contain the files for your domain?


I backed up the domain and restored the backup to take what I want.
Problem solved, thanks Eric.