Restore problem - timestamp showing as sever name

Ok I’m stumped… I’ve done restores in the past and not had a problem.

Last night I had a hard drive failure at our hosting center. They put in the new drive and FC3. I yum’d it up to current and then ran the VM-pro as normal. As expected VM and Webmin loaded fine.

I had backups of each domain from VM-pro that were only 6 hours old. Moved my VM-pro backup files to the new machine and selected the restore for a single domain file. Once it loaded, I ended up with a server name in the select list that started with a unix timestamp not the domain name. Then in the Virtual Servers list a line item shows up but all the fields are blank (domain name, user, desc, etc.).

Only thing different from old machine to the new one is that the new box loaded with the most recent version of VM-pro and the old box was on the releases from about two weeks ago.

Thanks, MM

Hey Mark,

Sounds like a bug! I’ll ask Jamie to have a look at this thread and comment.

As a followup to my prior message regarding a restore from ‘bare metal’…

When I went to the Virtual Servers list and checked the box for the ‘blank’ line and hit the button for delete, it got rid of the server entry. However it also deleted the entire home directory!! I had to do a double-take, but it is definitely gone.

Hey Mark,

I’m not sure what you’re getting at. So, after restoring this domain (which gets an oddball name), you then deleted it and it took out your whole /home?

I don’t know what to make of that…sounds like the restored domain with the odd name is confusing the domain removal code. Also sounds like a bug (a pretty ugly one).

Hi Mark,
Perhaps something is wrong with the backup, which is causing an invalid domain to be created when it is restore.
Could you email the backup file to me at , if it isn’t too massive? That way I can diagnose what is wrong with it…