Restore full-backup

When i try to restore a full-backup on a shadowsystem, i get an error stating the user / group already exists. This is correct, because i want to use a second system to be a complete backup of my primary server, and once a week all virtual-servers get full backup that is copied to the second server.
The problem is that the virtual-server isn’t restored because of the user/group error…
anyway to work around this without deleting all the users/groups by hand?


So, are you saying that the user and group in question existed before you ever attempted to do a restore?

Or do they only exist because you had done a restore in the past?


the users/groups already existed, having the same uid/gid on the new system

Well, something about your setup there or perhaps the way you’re doing your backup isn’t really clicking for me.

However, I’m not sure of a way to achieve what you’re asking – to restore a server in a case where a uid/gid already exists on the system, but is not part of Webmin/Virtualmin.


Hi Eric,
the uid/gid are part of the virtualminwebmin system, but they exist both on the primary and the secondary server.
Once in 2 weeks i would like to do a full backup on the primary and restore it to the secondary server, the other days i want to do incrementals.
I added the users from an export / import of webmin, and then the restore of the full backup fails, stating the users / groups exist. This will always be the case when i do a full backup from the primary server to the secondary server using webmin / virtualmin.
Or do i miss an option somewhere to add uid / gid’s only when they don’t exist?