Restore from Backup failed

I redid my server using proxmox and containers and when trying to restore from a full backup of the server I get this error at the end.

Restore failed : flush_file_lines called on non-loaded file /etc/apache2/sites-available/

The backup seemed to go in ok but that error is concerning.
Anyway I can restore the backup properly?

I think that was corrected in a recent update. Are your Webmin and Virtualmin up to date?


I installed the servers only a hour before the post.

Also reimporting the web servers I had to do the databases manually but I got it sorted.

Had to swap drives between the old install and new one a few times to make sure everything was imported over.

Actually I have noticed a restore problem recent on one of my servers, by accident as I really have no problems usually.

Restore failed : flush_file_lines called on non-loaded file /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

It is a bit worrying as all my backups as of recent maybe useless? Yet no warnings after backup at all.

The bug is in restore, not backup. I think it is fixed in the next release coming today.

As my servers seem to be working and I had to restore the mysql databases manually as virtualmin restore didn’t.

Will there be any reason to to re-restore on the fix or am I good for now?

Can always spin up another lxc container to test.

Well, I just had the same thing, and I am up to date … So it didn’t fix it whatever it is…
Good thing this is just one customers files I have to deal with now… I will download the tar.gz umpack it get what I need… but we need this fixed… ASAP

6.16 just rolled out today. I believe it resolves this issue (there ended up not being an update back when I said there would).

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