Restore failed : The specified source is not a Virtualmin backup : Not a valid tar or tar.gz file

I’m trying to restore a domain from a .tar file. I can open the file just fine with the archive manager and it has the appropriate folsder and files structure I’d expect to see from Virtualmin backups, but I get the error in the subject line. Is there an option to force the restore? or perhaps unpack first then restore?



Can you describe the process you’re using to perform the restore?


The file is x.tar. I moved the file into the /home/domain/virtualmin-backup directory and changed the owner and group permissions to be the domain owner. I then (as root) enabled restores and backups for the domain. Then (as the domain owner) clicked on restore and specified the file location. Then after clicking on ‘show what will be restored’ I get the error.



Out of curiosity, does it work any better attempting the restore as the root user?


same error message


There isn’t a way to force the restore – it sounds like Virtualmin doesn’t think it’s a valid archive, so something about it likely isn’t quite right, or may be corrupt.

Just as a test – I’m curious if you can generate a new backup of a domain on your server, if you’re able to restore that backup.

Of course, if your able to access the contents of it, you could always grab the data from the homedir and manually place it onto your server.

But I’d be curious to learn if new backups are working properly.


has anyone got an update on the solution to this issue?

i have for the first time encountered it my self when moving virtual servers from a Google Cloud Compute Instance across to a Vultr Instance.

The interesting thing is, i have two virtual servers i am moving separately. The first one restored no problem, however, the second one get this error. Got me confused as to what is going on…seems to be unreliable for some reason.

both of my backups were done without alterring permissions…i am logged into both servers with webmin administrator access. On the first server i am webmin administrator who is a member of root users group (has root access at least), on second server i am logged in as root user.

Both servers are Debian 9.

I ended up restoring it from a local file instead of uploading from my desktop…that worked. Why the other i dont know.