Restore failed: failed to lock file /etc/passwd after 5 minutes.

I want to transfer one domain in one server to other server including home directory and MySQL database.

I tried to restore that domain in other server.

but i get this error:

Restore failed: Failed to lock file /etc/passwd after 5 minutes. Last error was :

difference of two server is ext3 and ext4

CentOS 6.5 / Webmin 1.690 / Virtualmin 4.09 GPL


Hmm, it sounds like you may have some lock files… what is the output of this command:

find /etc -name "*.lock"

Thank you, sir.

I have refomated new server with ext3.

I saw same error message.

find /etc -name “*.lock”






In case site size is small, restore process finish succesfully.

In case site size is larger, restore process failed.

In command mode, restore process failed.