Restore error: Unix passwords

Sorry gang but I am shooting in the dark on this one and need help. Our previous sysadmin installed usermin/webmin/virtualmin about 4 years ago to a hosting server. Fortunately I pulled down a site backup about 3 months ago or so and I am happy I did! We lost the entire drive setup in this old Gentoo server. I have rebuilt a temporary machine using Suse10.1SP1 and again all looks good. The original backup was done under an older version but for the most part it looks like the newer one can read things successfully.
I have installed usermin/webmion and tweaked the config to be a very simple operational system. MySQL is installed & up, and webmin did eventually pass the configs (without webalyzer and DNS setup locally). I installed virtualmin and that went well also. So now everything looks good; I did have to turn off nscd as it was causing an error about adding to group file. Now I select one of the smaller domains (basically a single webpage and a single e-mail address) and try to restore. This is the output of the screen (abc123 has replaced real domain name):

Starting restore of 1 domains from /root/abc/virts0708.backup ..

Extracting backup archive file ..
.. done

Re-creating virtual server ..

Creating home directory ..
.. done
Creating Unix group ..
.. done

Creating Unix user ..
.. done

Adding new DNS zone ..
.. BIND DNS domain failed! : Failed to open /var/lib/named/var/lib/named/master/ for writing : Bad file descriptor at ../ line 1010. 

Adding to email domains list ..
.. done

Adding new virtual website ..
.. done

Setting up scheduled Webalizer reporting ..
.. Webalizer reporting failed! : Missing file to open at main::../ line 2081 at ../ line 1010. 

Creating MySQL login ..
.. done

Creating MySQL database kofc9114_org ..
.. done

Creating Webmin user ..
.. done

Applying web server configuration ..
.. done

Re-starting Webmin ..
.. done

Saving server details ..
.. done

Restoring backup for virtual server ..

Restoring virtual server password, quota and other details ..
.. done
Updating Unix password and quotas ..


Restore failed : Missing file to open at useradmin::../ line 2081

It looks like the site itself restored & updated apache, but my guess is the virtual e-mail passwords & such did not restore. Any advice or help? I have about 7 more to do and it would be great to have e-mail back up and running at the very least.


Quick followup. Still tracing and trying, but it looks like it will go through the second restore attempt and put inthe mail aliases & accounts…

Well, I might put the above in a ticket in the Bugs and Issues tracker (link at the bottom of the page), as that’s likely a bug.

My guess is that this error:

[code:1]Failed to open /var/lib/named/var/lib/named/master/ for writing[/code:1]

Is because that directory doesn’t exist – and that’s something Virtualmin should try to handle as it’s restoring things.

I’m not sure about the Webalizer problem, it may be similar. Just to be sure, the box you’re restoring onto does have Webalizer and BIND installed?

I’ve been brute forcing my way through this and learning alot… My guess is this has something to do with the versions of the backup files. By running it a second time it did add the users to the password systems, etc., BUT… none of the data below the domain name was restored in the homes directory. I manually un-tar’d the domain from the backup file then did a cp -R of the files to the expected location. What it looks like is happening is the backup file is not being fully restored, and I do not have granular control to do it piecemeal within Virtualmin. At this time I have most functionality back but still having probs with the web hosting.

Platform info:

Suse 10.1 SP1, usermin/webmin/virtmin all current versions. No BIND or webalyzer setup on the machine and during install these options were turned off. httpd.conf looks good and the virts are all contained in a virt.d directory where again everything looks good. However I am still fighting with spamassassin config and web config. The log file for the domain seems to indicate a permissions issue on the webserver but again all seems to look good. I have manually created a symlink from lindex.htm --> index,html just in case but this did not work. The home directory is set to 755 and ownership is at on group & user.

access.log shows the attempt to pull "/" but error.log shows "==> …/logs/error_log <==
[Sat Jan 17 17:36:20 2009] [error] [client] client denied by server configuration: /home/"

I will open up several bug reports as soon as I can get past the critical issues…


I will open up several bug reports as soon as I can get past the critical issues...

Probably not the most efficient way to resolve these issues. :wink:

The one man who can actually fix any problems you’re seeing, or at least tell you what is wrong with the backup files that’s causing it, is merely a ticket.

I will, however, point out the following items:

Setting up scheduled Webalizer reporting .. .. Webalizer reporting failed! : Missing file to open at main::../ line 2081 at ../ line 1010.

You need to fix this. You’ve got Virtualmin trying to use Webalizer, but you don’t have a correct configuration for it. Make sure the Webalizer Webmin module knows where your Webalizer configuration file is.

Adding new DNS zone .. .. BIND DNS domain failed! : Failed to open /var/lib/named/var/lib/named/master/ for writing : Bad file descriptor at ../ line 1010.

Again, you need to fix this. Webmin’s BIND module needs to know how to use your BIND installation for anything name-related in Virtualmin to work.

Once those are fixed, try your restore again…and let Jamie know via the ticket tracker what exact error you get, if it doesn’t work. He’ll be able to tell you exactly what’s going on (or help you figure out exactly what’s going on).

See, that is the funny thing as I have disabled both of those systems in the virtualmin configuration screens. It wouldn’t let me setup VM unless they were turned off. A current config check for the virtualmin site shows everything good with Bind & webalyzer turned off, but a restore keeps trying to set those. It will make it by the error but then I get the perl module error. A second run will restore all passwords, etc fine. This means that I can only restore one domain at a time, then after running that restore twice I can move on to the next one.

Its a very odd situation. I do not intend on running DNS on the new machine and webalyzer was not setup as of the original install.


PS. where is the trouble ticket area anyhow… I did a quick poke around and couldn’t find it…

If you don’t have those features on the new system, you will need to disable them during restore by unchecking the box for those features (though I noticed DNS can’t actually be disabled if it exists in the backup–this one is a bug-like behavior that Jamie knows about, and I think it’s fixed in 3.65 rolling out today).

Virtualmin should be smarter about this kind of thing, and it does get smarter with nearly every release, but restoration is already quite complex, so when you throw a curveball, like “I had DNS before, but now I don’t want it, so please just throw away that data”, it sometimes shows up edge cases. And, of course, there is the problem that if it silently accepted that you don’t have these services, it would be losing data on restore–and losing data is way more scary than having a slightly more complex restore process for the user.

The bug and issue tracker is reachable from any page in the menu at the bottom of the page. It’s labeled “Bugs and Issues”.