restore debian backup in centos question

Hi all !

The virtuamin backups are interchangeable between linux server ?

Iex: I can restore a virtualmin debian backup in a centos virtualmin server ?

Does it always work?



Yes, the Linux distribution being used should not be a problem.

You should be able to perform a backup on Debian, and later restore that on backup on CentOS.

A couple of notes on that though:

  • I’d always recommend doing some testing of your own before doing a migration :slight_smile:

  • While the backups themselves should work fine, file locations, paths, and what programs are installed by default could change from one distribution to another. So, for example, if one of your users created a script of some sort, and after you migrate, it stops working – you may just need to update a path in the script, or verify that the dependencies are installed as expected.

  • Keep an eye out if you intend on changing IP addresses. If you have a private IP address setup for a Virtual Server (such as if you use SSL), I believe it will keep that in the config files during the restore. Once you restore, you might need to tell Virtualmin that you want to change the private IP to something else. That’s no problem, it’s just something to keep in mind :wink:

Have a good one,

Thanks a lot Eric for your reply !!