Restore Backup Failed

Hello all,

I’m restoring a backup file with 200 domains (homes directory was not included in the backup).

The restore worked good for more 100 domains, but now I got a message for any domain I try to restore:

Restore failed : Failed to regenerate table /etc/postfix/rbcc: postmap: fatal: open /etc/postfix/rbcc: No such file or directory

The backup was made on a Centos 6.6 server, and it’s been restored on a Centos 7.1 server.

On the Centos 6.6 I have that file, but on the Centos 7.1 the file indeed does not exist.
But I did restore more than 100 domains there…

What can I do?


It’s possible that one domain was using a feature that uses that file. That may be a bug then that Virtualmin didn’t automatically created it.

In the meantime though, you could always manually create that file with this command as root:

touch /etc/postfix/rbcc

And then after doing that, re-try the restore for that one domain.


Excellent Eric, that did it!

As always you were very helpful.

Thank you very much,

  • Rogerio