Restore a backup to another server

OS type and version ubuntu20.04
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Hello Everyone!
I download a backup from another server via virtualmin panel on my pc , the backup file with the extension .tgz , but When I want to restore this backup file on another server just to test it , the restore is not working keep loading with no result.

the backup file contains only the home directory and content of Mysql database.

Thank you


Have you tried uploading the backup to the server, then restoring from it locally?

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yes I tried the upload but only it upload the 5M and backup file is almost 5G ,
so it is not completed.

Hmm. A 5 gigabyte restore is best done after the archive has been uploaded to the server, as @tpnsolutions pointed out, rather than rely upon the browser to upload it on the fly.

I suggest you use a sftp software like Filezilla to first upload the archive / backup file to the server that you want to restore it to and then use Virtualmin → Backup and Restore → Restore Backup and select Local File or Directory as the restore source.

This would give you the best chance that you have of successfully restoring your backup. A 5 GB restore will take time, so be patient.

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Okay I’ll try this and I’ll inform you what happened.
Thank you so much for your help you and @tpnsolutions.

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unfortunately that’s also doesn’t work for me , I tried to use some plugins but in vain too, because I had a WordPress website.
if you have any idea like How to migrate a WordPress from a server to another just to test using Virtualmin of course?.
Thank you

You could talk to @tpnsolutions for a quick appraisal about your restore issue and @Gomez_Adams knows of a great WordPress plugin for site migration, if you want to do that instead of a restore.

Okay thank you so much Mr @calport.
I’m waiting for your answer and help Mr @tpnsolutions and Mr @Gomez_Adams.
Thanks a lot

The problem with the plugin is that you need to have your server set up to use it. If you’re not publishing the site you’re not going to be able to access it to use it. If you’re not running it on an active server, it’s not going to work.

The plugin works flawlessly. I’ve migrated countless Wordpress sites with it and never had an issue. Why you would need to “test” a migration is beyond me. You either migrate it or you don’t.

It’s called the All-in-one-Migration Tool. It’s free for the basic version of it, which works fine unless you’ve got a really, really big site. I’ve migrated sites as large as 6 GB with no problems.

yes I tried the all in one migration but they mentioned big file you need to get the premium extension.

Download mine. It has a 12 GB limit.

Let me know when you’re done so I can delete the link.

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Thank you so much, I downloaded it you can delete it I do appreciate your help thanks a lot Mr @Gomez_Adams

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Sorry the delayed response. Had to get blood work done this morning, followed by chemotherapy this afternoon. Just checked into the forums as my chemo completed.

Looks like @Gomez_Adams has got things under control.

I’ll be home shortly though today may be a less productive day.

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Thank you so much @tpnsolutions for ur help

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