RESOLVED - Virtualmin in a Linux container

I don’t know if the problem described below is a webmin problem, a virtualmin problem or a linux containers problem.

  1. On my VPS with Ubuntu 18.04, I created the LXD container “inglesnobrasil” with the Ubuntu 18.04 image.

  2. In this container, I successfully installed virtualmin using the script.

  3. I set iptable rules for ports 80, 443 and 10000 (the port for virtualmin)

  4. In a browser, displayed the web page.

  5. In a browser, gave me an error.

  6. In a browser, displayed the web page after accepting the risk of an unsecure page.

  7. In virtualmin I added the domain

  8. In creating the domain, in enabled features, I unchecked “Setup DNS zone” (I use cloudflare.) and checked Setup SSL website too.

  9. After doing this, when I go to inglesnobrasil using either http// or https//, I get a 403 Forbidden error “You don’t have permission to access / on this server.”

  10. And when I go to inglesnobrasil/index.html using either http// or https//, I get a 403 Not Found error “The requested URL /index.html was not found on this server.”

  11. I entered the container and went to /var/www/html/ and the index.html page that displayed in step 4 above is there.

Any ideas what the problem might be or how to correct this?

I discovered that the website’s home directory is now /home/admin/public_html, not /var/www/html.