[Resolved] Restoring Virtualmin settings without a backup file?

This morning while poking around at some bits, I managed to blow out my Virtualmin install completely, haha. I’ve got it reinstalled and updated, but I no longer have a list of my virtual servers in my admin interface. I also didn’t set Virtualmin to backup my global settings to S3, only the servers themselves (which were unaffected in the blowout, so no need to restore them.)

I do, however, have access to my provider’s backup images of my account (Rimuhosting, fwiw), and could go fishing around for the files I need. I’ve been searching, but I’m unable to find out what exactly I need to retrieve. Help?

System info:
Kernel and CPU Linux on i686
Operating system Debian Linux 6.0
Virtualmin version 4.12.gpl

thanks for any info!

This seems to have worked-- I copied the following over:

  • individual files [not folders] in /etc/webmin/

  • all in /etc/webmin/apache/

  • all in /etc/webmin/virtual-servers