[RESOLVE] Module mailbox does not exist (when i install Filter and Forward module)


On webmin module, i install the filter and foward module.

I’ve this message : Module mailbox does not exist

Thanks for help me

I’ve delete module Filter and Forward on Webmin and UserMin module.
Install on Webmin and export module of another installation for Usermin (because, unable to find a download on internet !??)

Thanks to have shared your solution ! I had the following message
“Undefined subroutine &mailbox::decode_mimewords called at /usr/share/webmin/filter/filter-lib.pl line 545.”
and it was impossible to connect to usermin from the “Virtualmin” > “Edit User” interface.

Your solution worked for me too. To be precise, after deleting the “filter and forward module” from webmin and usermin (with a backup on my desktop just in case), I used the “filter and forward module” from the webmin website to be sure to have an updated version and I reused the backuped module from usermin to avoid compatibilty trouble. Now, all is fine.