Resetting root from AWS EC2 instance

Hi, I cannot access virtualmin via the http://myserver:10000 user:root password forgotton

Accessed the instance via username “ubuntu” via ssh - but all commands to virtualmin - wants me to be logged in as “root”

Any idea how can I get access to virtualmin in this situation.

Even trying to start/stop the virtualmin - gives “Permission denied” error, possibly am not logged in as root.

Help please !

You need to add sudo to the command. Like,

sudo service apache2 restart

Try it!

Yep ! the command does restart webmin using “sudo /etc/init.d/webmin restart”

But it does not let me login to virtualmin GUI yet. I can list the domains and can see my domain name along with the user

If i try to change the password of the username - it says “Not a virtualmin user”, though i can see the username attached to the domain name.

Could it be something to do with webmin here - some command to access webmin list of users ?

Freddy63 - seems it worked - the “root” - password was (blank) - and it gave me access to virtualmin -

Thanks for your help !.