Resetting a usermin account to default theme

OS type and version Debian 11
Webmin version 2.102
Usermin version 2.002


While trying to get my signature to display in usermin I tried selecting global usermin default and now nothing works (it looks like the very old theme!), I cannot swap it back, it says " Error — File not found". Everrything I click on it says " Error — File not found"
Is there a way to reset the user theme for them? I know other users are fine so I dont want to delete everything.


Hi all

Many thanks to Ilia for helping me fix this.
It turned out to be in was in /etc/usermin/miniserve.conf

There was an entry preroot_myusername=
So I set this to preroot_myusername=authentic-theme and it all works again now.

Many thanks


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