Reset Accounts Bandwidth?

I’m using virtualmin GPL. I am wondering if there is a way to reset a users monthly bandwidth or control when the month begins/ends. Say for example to co-inside with the billing cycle of our ISP.


You can define the billing cycle by going into System Settings -> Bandwidth Monitoring.

From there, you can tweak the Accounting period and related information.


Thanks for your quick reply Eric,

However, My billing cycle for my ISP starts today. And I want to reset the bandwidth that my servers have presently used so it starts fresh today. How can I do that? There isn’t a convenient “reset all bandwidth data” button. So is there somewhere this information is hard coded that I can remove it and reset all values to 0?

The features in the bandwidth management page you suggested I look do not perform the function I want. I have about 5 domains at varying ranges from about 3% monthly usage to 45% monthly usage, and we JUST moved the server to a new location where we are more strictly watching our bandwidth usage. I want to reset so that the monthly bandwidth counts co-inside with our ISP’s billing cycle for their bandwidth counts. They charge hefty overages, and at the current cycle Virtualmin is on, it will cap someone mid cycle on our side which is what we’re trying to avoid.



Unfortunately Virtualmin has no support for a monthly accounting period that starts on the 22nd - only on the 1st of each month. The best you could do is make use of the VIrtualmin command line API to dump bandwidth usage by day, and then perform your own summation of it. For example, in a shell script you could use a command like :

virtualmin list-bandwidth --domain --start -30