Reset a sender's "Mail Rate Limiting" count?

Let’s say I set a rate-limit of 50 emails in a 24 hour period per-user on a domain, in order to prevent a hacked mail account from being used for spam. Once that mis-use is detected and (say) some weak password corrected, is there a way that I can reset the count for that user, or do I just have to set it to 100 and hope I remember to set it back tomorrow?

OS type and version Ubuntu 22.04
Virtualmin version 7.10.0

If misuse is detected, then check the box captioned “login temporarily suspended” in Virtualmin → Edit Users. Why would you set the mail rate limit to 50 or hundred for a domain which has a mailbox which is confirmed as compromised and is spamming the internet?

After that, you may need to manually restart postfix - I don’t know if this is still required to be done but in earlier versions of Virtualmin, I recall that it was.

What I meant to say was “I have set the limit to 50 in 24 hours in order to prevent a hacked user’s account from being severely abused”.

What I am asking is “So now the guy has called and we’ve gotten his password changed”… how can I reset him to “0/50” (or do I just have to wait out the 24 hours, or set his limit 50 higher and maybe set it back the next day)?

What I meant to say is that I don’t decrease the mail rate limit of domain which has a compromised email account. I disable login to that account till the owner confirms that he has taken steps necessary to secure the account.

The mail rate limit feature is not intended to be used in the manner that you are using it and that is perhaps why it does not have the sort of automatic reset feature that you seek.

I recommend that you set reasonably high (much higher than 50) mail rate limit and keep it set to that; if an email account is compromised, then disable it.