reseller domains remain active on deletion of reseller account.

i am currently setting up VirtuaminPro<>WHMCS - during my testing / setup phase i have realised that when a reseller is deleted (by WHMCS), the domains that the reseller user created in VirtualminPro remain active.

Is this the default behaviour, i was expecting the domains to be deleted or be disabled.


It’s actually intentional that the resellers remain active.

There isn’t actually a way, from within the Virtualmin GUI, to delete all Virtual Servers belonging to one particular reseller.

You could do that using the command line tools though, one example of doing that is the following:

for dom in \`virtualmin list-domains --reseller XXX --name-only\`; do virtualmin disable-domain --domain $dom done

Where “XXX” is the reseller whose domains you want to disable.



Oh, great… looks like is where i need to add something… now to mess things up completely…

My main worry is that - IF - people work out that they can create a reseller in WHMCS - then create a bunch of domains - then delete the reseller leaving all the domains unmanaged and un-billed - which would then be essentially free servers… great for spam or whatever - i tend to believe that if a thing is possible, someone will work it out and then someone will abuse it…

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