Reseller discounts in the shopping cart

Howdy all,

One of the reasons for upgrading the site was to provide a better reseller experience and make it easier for us to manage reseller accounts and licenses. We’re only part of the way there, but it is coming along.

Over the weekend, I got reseller and education discounts working in the shopping cart; so if you were a reseller in the old system, you should be getting your discounts now in the new system. If you don’t see those discounts, and you were in the old system, let me know. It looks like a few resellers don’t have the right role assigned here on the new site (they were separate databases back then, but I tried to keep them synced up, but apparently failed to do so).

Anyway: Reseller accounts are mostly back in business!

If you’re buying a lot of Virtualmin Professional and Cloudmin Professional (5+ licenses or $1000/year), and don’t yet have reseller discounts enabled, let me know. I’ll setup an automated process to apply the right role in the near future, but until then, we’ll just have to keep handling it manually. We’ll also be enabling API access eventually, so you can have your shopping cart or billing system buy licenses and query available licenses.

Thanks for your patience. Going forward, the reseller experience will be nicer than it was with the old Webmin-based system. But, for now we’re still experiencing some growing pains.