Reseller as almost root

OS type and version rocky linux 9
Webmin version 2.001
Virtualmin version 1.860
Related packages virtualmin

i’m a virtualmin gpl user and i’m used to be “root”
so i have all functions / permission / etc

i have a customer that use an entire server.
so i bought a virtualmin pro (with reseller function) and create only one reseller with 99 max virtual server.

now reseller can login to virtualmin and create virtual server without problem.
but how can i enable it to the “manage database” function?
and edit php-fpm configuration?

I don’t want to share the root password , but would enable to manage dabase sql (as root i can) e set php-fpm (in particular resource limits)

thank you


Thanks for choosing Virtualmin Pro.

After a reseller user was created and a reseller logged in to the account and created a virtual server, then under - Administration Options ⇾ Edit Owner Limits a reseller can choose which capabilities and features are going to be available for the virtual server owner.

forgive me I should have checked better

just to be sure, this way i can enable single virtualserver
so every time i setup everything i “switch to server’s admin” right?

thank you again

A reseller can also edit virtual server owner’s limits for the domains it created.

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