Requre local dns server

Admittedly, I haven’t read all the docs yet and have not yet purchased the pro version (but is my intent)…

It appears from what I’ve read so far that several things in virtualmin expect the primary DNS server to be local. I.e. resident on that machine.

Is this really true, or am I misunderstanding?



Well, if your goal is for Virtualmin to be able to manage the DNS zones, I think that’s true (though Webmin/Virtualmin are configurable enough that perhaps we want a second opinion from Joe/Jamie).

However, if you don’t want Virtualmin to touch your DNS files, that’s no problem, you can simply disable the DNS feature.

Hmm… I’m trying to expand my current business to providing a complete hosted environment for my clients (E-commerce). I have an option to manage their DNS for them but was expecting to do that via the normal interfaces within Network Solutions… But that is not a requirement. If I can get tighter integration between my own tool-set and VM for this, that would be a plus.

Each site (domain) will have a unique IP. Most will have a checkout pages that are SSL. I want to be able to insulate each client from others as well as provide the ability for them to have a single-signon capability for managing the domains they have with me. It appears that VM is a good fit. I’ve purchased the 10-pack and will upgrade to the unlimited once I confirm this will do what I need.

Appreciate the help/thoughts but would like confirmation on what would NOT be enabled if the the primary DNS server is not local.

P.S. Why Postgres? Is using mySQL only an option? Is Sendmail an option or only Postfix?

Well, I believe you’d only need to disable “BIND DNS domain” in System Settings -> Features and Plugins.

You do get a lot of flexibility by hosting the DNS on your own machine when it’s managed by Virtualmin, and your users would have the ability to manually add/modify DNS records in that scenario.

In regards to databases – both MySQL and Postgres should work fine, both have Virtualmin modules and I believe both are setup by default when doing a Virtualmin install.

Sendmail is an option – there’s other folks here who use it – but Postfix is recommended and setup by default.

I have not yet started VM. So does that mean I can get rid of Postgresql? I’m okay with using postfix but would rather not have 2 different DB engines on this server.

You can disable PostgreSQL completely. I don’t believe there are any dependencies remaining in virtualmin-base, but I might be wrong about that. If there are no dependencies in that package, you could uninstall it if you wanted. (But, if it’s not running, it’s not really worth fretting over a few MB of disk space to have it installed.)

Is this really true, or am I misunderstanding?

You’re misunderstanding. Virtualmin can manage local DNS, and if it does, it expects for the system to use the local DNS (because things like the WYSIWYG website editor and other features rely on having names for local domains resolve reliably and fast). If Virtualmin does not manage local DNS, this is not a requirement.

Great, thanks for the help…