Request for Information on Inclusion of Approved Functions

Dear Virtualmin Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to inquire about the expected release version for incorporating the following approved functions into Virtualmin:

Mail alias not getting deleted along with mail user. (Link to discussion)
Virtualmin password generator occasionally missing digits or uppercase letters. (Link to discussion)

Could you kindly provide insights into which release - whether it be for the GPL and Pro version - the approved functions will be included? Knowing this information would assist in aligning our expectations and maximizing the benefits of the upcoming features.

Your attention to this matter is much appreciated.

Warm regards,
Mihail Stoyanov


Thanks for the heads up!

This one is fixed and will be including in upcoming Virtualmin release.

I think I just forgot to send PR to @Jamie about this one. I’m afraid we will have to postpone it until next Virtualmin release, unless Jamie agrees to fix it before the release.

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Which PR is this?

I haven’t submitted a PR for this one yet—it got lost among other issues we needed to tackle.

@Jamie, I will try to do it now!

Implemented here:

This was implemented too!

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