Request: Cloud DNS be less cavalier with the deleting

OS type and version AlmaLinux 9.3
Webmin version 2.105
Virtualmin version 7.10.0 Pro
Related packages Cloud DNS

I just wanted to put in a feature request: for servers utilizing a cloud DNS service, deleting the server should—at minimum—present a prompt requesting confirmation (or not) to delete the associated cloud DNS zone.

Case in point, I have two VPSes. One uses Virtualmin Pro (Box 1), the other uses Virtualmin GPL (Box 2). I deleted a server from Box 1 with the intention of moving it to Box 2. When I deleted the server from Box 1, the entire Cloudflare DNS domain associated with it was deleted with no warning.

It was a dev domain, so it doesn’t really matter, but if this were a production site with dozens of DNS records, this could’ve been incredibly annoying.


Well, here is a page I never looked at before. :wink:

Maybe transfering the domain between the 2 virtualmin instances may have been a better bet. I would guess virtualmin would not be able to guess that you really were moving the domain rather than deleting it. If you delete something I don’t think it’s wrong to remove everything when you hit the delete button after acepting the list of consequences that virtualmin gives you before you actually hit the final button

Would dissociating the DNS service beforehand have unlinked the Cloud DNS feature without deleting the zone?

You’re probably right. Will make a note of the transfer option in the future.

And no, I don’t think it’s wrong that Virtualmin removed it, either, I think that the verbiage could benefit from modifying.

As it is, the delete server verbiage includes:

DNS domain - All DNS records in the domain and any BIND options will be deleted.

It would be helpful if a bolded “including any remote DNS records hosted by your Cloud provider” etc. etc. were added as notice.

That’s what the wording implies.

" or to disconnect a configuration so that it is preserved when a virtual server is deleted."

Like I said though, I don’t think I really ever had reason to look at that page before.

If it is setup to control the DNS records hosted by your Cloud provider, why would you expect any different behavior. One problem now is the software is pretty complex simply because of the scope of things it handles. Adding more is not always a good thing in this case. Someone in the future may come along and dispute your needs conflicts with theirs.


I totally understand your point and, to an extent, agree with it.

It may be that the solution is to merely expand the online documentation of the feature. As it is, it’s fairly sparse and more focused on setting it up without much attention paid to management, etc.

The ‘problem’ is things you may never use, rarely use, or gasp, use once. I’m sure the page I pointed to was implemented at some point when someone else ran into that problem. After a year I still check on problems like yours just to learn, and hopefully, be useful and help the staff out a bit.

If Virtualmin is managing something as part of a Virtual Server, and you delete the Virtual Server, it believes you wanted to delete that thing. I do get the impression folks view cloud DNS as “outside of” Virtualmin (but, that’s what the API link up is about), so maybe it does need to be more emphatic.

And, yes, dis-associating a feature means Virtualmin stops managing it. It no longer does anything with it. No changes, no deletions, etc.

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