Report spam feature added to forums

Howdy all,

In the continuing journey to Make Forums Great Again, I’ve added a “report” link on all forum topics and comments.

If you see either of the following in our forums, click that “report” link at the bottom of the message:

  1. Spam. We hate spam, you hate spam, and now you can report it and we’ll remove it.
  2. Abuse. Is somebody being a jerk? Report it. We’ll try to calm things down. We’re all here to help each other, and being an ass doesn’t serve that end. There is such a thing as a stupid question, but that doesn’t mean anyone should be mean about it when someone asks them.

We still don’t have super good moderator tools, or a moderation team (though I think we have a couple of volunteers that we’ll be empowering with mod abilities soon), but, we (administrators) will try to stay on top of reports until we do get those tools and team in place.

Please help us keep the forums thriving!




Also, while I was poking at the forums and the Drupal Flag module, I’ve added a “like” link, which does what you’d think. We don’t do much with this information yet (except display it for everyone), but we’ll likely use it to prioritize bug/feature tickets in the future, and possibly provide discounts and other membership perks for highly ranked users.

finally report spam is here. thanks.

Thanks for reporting stuff! All cleaned up.