Replacing Parallels Plesk with Virtualmin

I just signed up for a new dedicated server. I told the ISP not to install Parallels Plesk, but they did so anyway. I’m about to tell them to remove it, and I wondered if there is anything in particular I need to ask them to do in order to fully clean up before I install Virtualmin. Any suggestions? Would it make any difference if instead I asked them to wipe the drive and start again? Good thing I have a bit of time on my hands here…


I unfortunately don’t know what all is changed during a Plesk installation.

The safest thing to do would be to ask them to wipe the hard drive and reinstall your distro. If you have some time, I think that’s what I’d recommend.

If you feel pressed for time, you could always just try the Virtualmin install once they remove Plesk, but if things don’t work, it may take some time to figure out what all is wrong :slight_smile:


I’m quite positive they’ll have some kind of automated installation process for their servers. So asking them to reinstall - this time REALLY without Plesk - might even be faster than asking them to specifically remove Plesk. :slight_smile: