Replace httpd by httpd24

OS Centos 7.9.2009
Virtualmin 7.1 Pro

I was upgrading my PHP version from 7.4.x to 8.1.x and I thought it was a good time to try upgrading httpd too so that the module http2 would be available.

So I found one option to install centos-release-scl and than httpd24
than enabling it with scl enable httpd24 – bash -l and after that switching the services

That worked so far without an issue but after the reboot httpd -v gave me the old version back

Than I found another solution with yum replace function
yum replace httpd --replace-with=httpd24 but that would remove virtualmin-base due too the dependencies

So I suppose there is no option with Virtualmin to swap httpd to httpd24?


You can remove virtualmin-base, just be sure you never put it back, and be careful that the packages it depends on don’t get removed for other reasons. But, you’re on a very old install (I know you’re on a very old install because virtualmin-base has not been how installs happen for several years. We use yum groups now, which are not hard dependencies and can be overridden by the user after install.)

Maybe it’s time to start fresh with a newer distro that already has a recent Apache version? (Rocky 8 or 9, for instance, using the VM7 beta installer, would be my recommendation, since you’re familiar with CentOS.)

Yeah the machine was installed on 8.5.2017 and since than there were always just some updates, nothing more…
I’m at Centos 7.9.2009 for now :confused:
Maybe it’s time to swap my hardware to a newer machine but some sites are very big like my cloud with about 300GB… much work again…
I see there is also a Centos 8 version out and as Centos Stream 8 and 9
If I swap I’ll need to decide to what distro I gonna swap… Ubuntu is also not that bad, I use that for 2 servers here at home and 2 virtual machine dedicated for shoutcast streaming…
If I swap to another distro won’t there be issues with the backup files from virtualmin? Are these cross platform/distro compatible?
I can’t remember that…
Thanks again…

We do not support CentOS Stream at this time (and may never support it, it moves too fast for reasonable use on a server).

For RPM-based distros we recommend Rocky (a RHEL rebuild) or RHEL. Alma is also supported.

Thanks for that info
Didn’t know that yet for centos stream…

I love LTS systems for servers… So I don’t need to upgrade every 6 month lol :slight_smile:
I’m waiting on my server hoster to know if I can switch the machine and than I gonna decide what Linux distro I gonna use…

Will check Rocky too as I don’t know it yet - thanks for that info

Rocky was founded by the original founder of CentOS with similar philosophy (rebuilding RHEL packages to produce an open RHEL-compatible distribution). It is effectively the next version of CentOS.

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