Renewing a SSL certificate

So, Virtualmin allows you to create the csr for a new user which is great. So, it’s a year from that date, and, the customer wants to get another cert since theirs is expiring. You can go to the signing request tab under Manage SSL Certificate, but the warning says that a key file already exists and it will be overwritten. Not good, won’t that break the current one while the customer awaits their new one?

Hrm, I supposed I’d be concerned about that too :slight_smile:

Personally, the cert providers I’ve used in the past keep the CSR on file, so I haven’t actually needed to generate a new CSR when I’ve had an existing one.

However, if that’s not the case in your situation, I’d try one of these two things:

  1. If you’re in a hurry, just backup the ssl.key and ssl.cert files in your home directory, generate a new CSR, then put the old files back until you receive your new cert (though don’t just overwrite the new files, you’ll need them once your new cert arrives).

  2. File a feature request using the Support link above, explain your predicament as you did here, and Jamie will work with you regarding the best way to handle this. If it would indeed overwrite what you have now, hopefully he’ll be able to code a more robust solution that doesn’t involve your SSL Cert being offline until you’re able to get a new one :slight_smile: