Renaming server ok?

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.6
Virtualmin version 7.7 Pro

I need to rename my mail server from to The part will not change, just the subdomain part.

Is this ok to do? And how problematic can this be? I know I will need to update DNS records at my provider, and update any mail clients.

Will this affect users/mail accounts on the server?

Should be fine, unless you have manually modified things like mydestination or myhostname in the Postfix configuration (which is generally a bad idea, better to actually name the system what you want to use for those things).

There are many ways you could lock in the hostname of the system and make it harder to change, but nothing in the default Virtualmin configuration does so.

Nope didnt modify those

So do I use:
‘Virtualmin/Server Configuration/Change Domain Name’?

…to do this?

And should I choose to update the username and home directory options to ‘automatic’?


No. You need to change the system hostname.

The default domain (if you have one) will also probably need to renamed (if you use it). This is another reason for me to not like the default domain. Now that you mention it, I’m not sure about the implications of that.

@Jamie @Ilia what happens with the default domain (the one created automatically based on the system hostname) when the system hostname is changed?

Nothing. The hostname and the default domain name are not connected in any way.

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Yeah, it doesn’t get renamed automatically

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Would this be easier to create a new virtual server with the name I want ( then somehow move/migrate my mail server from the default one to the new one?

Wait, you’re using the default domain (on the system hostname) for actual website and mail?

Sorry, no I have added a virtual server for website and email,

The name I gave the system during install is

I am getting rdns warnings (due to what I thought is the reason the server is not named mail. but xyz.).

RDNS does not need to match the hostname of your system. RDNS needs to exist, and the name it resolves to needs to resolve back to your IP. It does not need to match any particular name being hosted on the system.

Yes I understand, and everything appears to be set correctly. mxtoolbox reports it is correct as well. Ill keep an eye on it and see how it goes…

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