Removing php 8.2

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Is there a easy way to remove php 8.2 as ioncube doesnt support it, and I dont need this version of php.


You need to provide your OS and version information.

If PHP 8.2 is the default PHP version in your OS, you should not remove it, just install the alternate version you need and use it with ionCube.

If you installed PHP 8.2 from a third-party repo, you’d just remove the same packages you installed using whatever your OS package manager is.

Ah okay, someone told me you couldnt install ioncube while having php 8.2 installed

I mean, I’m not an expert, I don’t use ionCube, so I don’t know anything about installing it, but I can’t imagine it would care about other PHP versions existing on the system. I would assume you can choose which versions to use with it. Just don’t choose PHP 8.2 for any domain that needs the ionCube loader, and don’t configure 8.2 to load the ionCube module.

This may help. I think it come in payed software like whmcs to protect there code.

We have used it for years, its a separate install, and hence it wont matter if there are versions of PHP that it doesn’t support on the system. Just install the version you need and job done.


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Ah okay makes sense. Thank you!

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