Removing auto generated subdomains when using external Name Servers

I removed BIND from my server a while ago as all of my domains use the registrars name servers.

Previously if I wanted to remove an autogenerated sub domain such as or I could do this from the Virtual hosts DNS configuration option, however, that is no longer present since I removed BIND.

Is there a way to manually remove those entries? They are currently preventing Lets Encrypt certificate generation as I don’t have those entries setup at the registrar - and I’d rather not manually add them for all of my domains.

In Virtualmin → System Settings → Server Templates: Click Default Settings and then Edit template section: Website for domain; and disable redirects that you do not want.

Caveat: I have never tested this actually, but I expect it to work. Let us know how it goes, please.


Unfortunately that did not fix it.

I tried re-enabling bind temporarily, and that adding it the virtual host config this did remove those extra domains but as soon as I disabled bind, the extra subdomains were added again.

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