Removed Openssl in error

Hi there,

I made a big mistake a little earlier today in that I removed openssl from an installation of mine running Virtualmin. (I had meant to remove openvpn!)

As a result of this, the following packages were removed:

Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
The following packages will be REMOVED:
bsd-mailx ca-certificates dovecot-common dovecot-imapd dovecot-pop3d mailman
mailx openssl openssl-blacklist openvpn postfix postfix-pcre postgresql
postgresql-8.3 ssl-cert usermin usermin-virtual-server-theme virtualmin-base
webmin webmin-security-updates webmin-virtual-server
webmin-virtual-server-theme webmin-virtualmin-awstats webmin-virtualmin-dav
webmin-virtualmin-htpasswd webmin-virtualmin-mailman webmin-virtualmin-svn

I didn’t even notice that it was going to remove the usermin and webmin stuff until it was too late.

Is there anyway of recovering from this situation without having to restore from a backup? Restoring from a backup will take ages because my backups are located offsite and the connection from the backup server to the live server is quite slow.

Thanks in advance!


If you look in the directories /etc/webmin/, and /etc/webmin/virtual-server/, do you still see the Webmin and Virtualmin config files there still? Or do those appear to have been removed?

Also, do you still have /etc/postfix/ and /etc/postfix/virtual?

If so, then it may be possible to simply re-install those packages… though if you do that, I’d recommend first making a backup of /etc/webmin, as well as /etc/postfix.


The /etc/webmin directory is no longer there - I am just waiting for a copy of the backup to complete and I will then try to restore /etc/webmin and then re-install webmin - the /etc/postfix directory is still there, as is the file /etc/postfix/virtual.

I will let you know how it goes!

Thanks in advance

I have managed to get the server mainly up and running, I am able to see the web interface etc, however, when I check system information, for example, I get the message: Module proc does not exist

Any ideas?


Hmm, unfortunately, that means something is pretty broken :slight_smile:

That refers to a core Webmin module that is missing.

Can you describe the process you used to reinstall Webmin and Virtualmin?

Also, what does this command output:

dpkg -l 'webmin*'


I managed to get it up and running - it turned out that there were some incorrect permissions in /etc/postfix, so just by running chown -R postfix: /etc/postfix it sorted itself out.

To explain how I got things up and running again:

I make a backup of the server every night to a server of mine in my house using rsync (of the complete server less some non-required directories (/dev /proc etc). I synced that back to the server and it was mostly correct except for the permissions on /etc/postfix.

That server is a VPS running debian 5 because there is some software which is on it which is pretty old and broken and required php 5.2. Unfortunately the datacenter I use no longer provides debian 5 as an installable OS, so I was stuck with having to repair the old server.


I’m glad you got it working, thanks for letting us know how you fixed it!

I imagine you’re aware of this, but I just wanted to mention that Debian 5 reached it’s end of life back in February of 2012… it’s not receiving any security updates.

Debian 6 will reach it’s end of life at the end of this month.

Be careful running distro versions that aren’t receiving security updates :slight_smile:



I have provisioned another server with Ubuntu 12.04LTS and will be compiling and installing php5.2 on that and will attempt to trick the domain which requires the old PHP to use 5.2, then at least I will have a supported distro for that server.