Remove virtualmin from webmin changelog

The Webmin changelog is showing Virtualmin entries.

I would recommend removing Virtualmin from the list for consistency and also that Virtualmin has it’s own dedicted changelog.

That is a fair point but as it stands virtualmin is a module of webmin so it should be treated the same as any other webmin module or differently ?

This is the changelog for webmin rather than a blog. Most platforms in their changelog just do changes to the platform, they generally do not include the plugins.

Usermin might be the exception even though I don’t know if anyone installed usermin separately from webmin.

consider if the team get the 3rd party section buzzing again then the webmin changelog will get swamped.

I don’t think the 3rd party module section will take off again, the biggest stumbling block maybe perl, if develops could use a language they are more comfortable with there maybe more. The designs for modules I have would all elude to virtualmin rather than webmin, but due to age and certain health conditions there is no way I can learn perl

Do modules have to be Perl?

They might need a wrapper, but the rest could be in other languages?

I am happy to see them together, does it really matter?

If anything, I would like a more detailed log of what has been done, but I appreciate that it would be time consuming.

You show me a wrapper I’ll code a module

Why not? It is good to standardise.

Cobol? Perhaps?

But do like the idea of keeping the changelogs separate (as long as it does not involve too much extra work to maintain) reducing confusion.

:smile: All you can eat.

Split the products is a better idea which removes any confusion from both webmin &virtualmin products

this is the webmin changelog, i just thing virtualmin should not be in this changelog for consistency with the virtualmin changelog.

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