remove php5

After a failed install and lots of error messages, I just want to fully remove php5. I ran: yum remove php5* which removed three php5 packages, but there are still pieces left over, such as the php5.cgi files, etc. So, which files can/should I delete to completely remove this installation?

Hey Kassidy,

I’m sure the problems are easy to fix, if you’d actually like to have PHP5 available and just decided to get rid of it due to troubles (there are a few pretty nice scripts that require it). Just post the errors, and I’ll help you fix the problems.

But to get rid of the php5.cgi scripts, those are generated by Virtualmin. You can make them go away by resetting the PHP execution options in the Website Options for your sites. Virtualmin should detect that PHP5 is no longer available and get rid of any calls to those scripts, and they can then be deleted…Virtualmin might remove them on its own, but we’ve never though of the case of removing PHP versions! We expect folks to add new versions of things, not remove them. :wink: