Remove php 5 from my installation

I want to completely remove php 5

  1. System -> Software Packages
  2. Search for php
  3. Select all php*-5. packages
  4. Leave the wbm module unchecked if listed.

i’m using CentOS Linux 7.8.2003.


Thanks but what do you mean select all, when I click a pop up window opens I can’t select all . Do you mean find one by one and uninstall one by one? this does not make sense . Are you sure there is no other logical way to uninstall php 5?

For CentOS 7 PHP 5 is likely the default/global/system PHP installation and you’re better off upgrading instead of removing.

Here’s how it’s done but I think this entire thread will help you …

PHP 7.2 is the default/global version that comes with CentOS 8, similar to how PHP 5 is default for CentOS 7. Notice how 7.2 was upgraded to 7.4 and how add-on PHP versions and modules install differently than the global version.

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