Remove or Disable PHP7.4

OS type and version Deabian 11
Virtualmin version 7.3

Hi Community,

I’m pretty new to Virtualmin and I just installed it on a test VPS. So far, everything is working pretty well.
I have a question about removing or disabling PHP 7.4.

Since it’s part of Debian 11, I’m not sure if I can completely purge it out of the system. I’m not a Linux guy, but I have heard in the past, that one should never remove the bundled PHP version. Since I don’t want to create new servers on PHP 7.4 base, I want either to disable it on Virtualmin or if it’s possible to purge/delete it out of the system.

I don’t know actually how to disable it on the Apache system. Purging/deleting shouldn’t be a big deal.
Maybe someone can give me a hint on it, what’s the best way to get it out?

Thanks already a lot

Do not remove the one provided by your OS.

We have documentation for this:

I have to admit I am not a great fan of PHP but have to ask why (memory is relatively cheap - are you that desperate for space) I don’t use it either but am happy to leave it there what harm is it doing? What is the motive?

since sury repo brings most php dependencies from its own repo, and uses debian repos for anything else, i don’t think there’s any problem removing php7.4 if you don’t want it installed…
it’s not like php7.4 is some core-crucial debian package, and sury php afaik is 100% compatible with debian.


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